Bad Art of The Rapture

Eager for May 21? Can’t wait for Jesus to dustbust up all the Christians so you can get on with your on post-rapture orgies and looting? Well, some of us are still holding on to the words of that great Party Pooper Himself when he tells the apostle Matthew “of that day and hour knoweth no man.”

Why you ask?   Art!  Think about the awesomely uninhibited art we’d lose!

As featured on postcards in evangelical bookstores and outsider art collections everywhere, this depction of the Rapture just outside downtown Dallas is the one that started it all back in early ’80s.

More gleeful mayhem with the accidental 911 foreshadowing just a little more obvious.

Rapture rockets.  The inscription to the right refers to 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18, the primary biblical source for the notion of the Rapture.

There’ll be plenty of Wonderbread for everyone up there!  Looks like this artist missed the date by at least 50 years.

Ever seen those “Car Vacated in Case of Rapture” bumperstickers? Clothes are traditionally not part of the uptake either, but this artist’s modesty caused a bit of a compromise. Let’s call this one “Going Topless.”



Al Ridenour
Al Ridenour