ArtBloc, A Mobile Art Venue Made of Two Shipping Containers


ArtBloc is a project by New Jersey-based couple Angus Vail and Julie Daugherty to create a mobile, modular art and performance venue using two shipping containers. The containers can be arranged to form a variety of stage or gallery configurations. The inherent mobility of the shipping containers allows them to be transported to wherever an art venue is needed. Vail and Daugherty are raising funds for the project on Kickstarter.

We want it to be a venue or space for any and all kinds of art, music or whatever mad idea someone hits us up with. It can be a venue for punk rock, string quartets, painting, photography or sculpture exhibitions. Let’s host some hip-hop, modern dance, poetry slams…cooking exhibitions, parties, or video installations. Let’s wrap them, paint ’em, turn them into giant art objects! Let’s show movies on them – and in them!

via The Wall Street Journal

image via Tim Steele Design/Big Prototype

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