Artist Creates a Beautiful Series of Animated GIF Illustrations Inspired by Her 2017 Trip to Japan

Looping Japan 2017 Day 1
Looping Japan 2017 Day 1

Looping Japan 2017 is a beautiful series of animated GIF illustrations, created by artist Clara Christine Wijaya, that were each inspired by sights taken in during her trip to Japan last March. Wijaya posted more animated illustrations and the photos that inspired them on Behance, Instagram, and her Facebook page.

I went to Japan for the second time last March 2017, this time I visited Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka. And again, Japan still left me in awe with it’s perfection, cleanliness, politeness. Seriously, Japan is one of the finest place on earth.

For this series I’m taking my inspiration from how each city (or prefecture?) celebrating what they are proud of by having its own unique manhole design, therefore I created each day as a moving manhole, inspired from my holiday experience of that particular day. Why I created it looping? Maybe because I want my holiday to never ends.

images via Clara Christine Wijaya

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips