Amazon Launchpad Adds New Categories to Easily Find Projects Funded Through Kickstarter

Kickstarter x Launchpad

Kickstarter has announced new categories for the Amazon Launchpad program, which helps creators bring their Kickstarter-funded projects to market. The new classifications are some of the most popular types of products from Kickstarter and include sections titled STEM, Always Be Learning, Exquisite Objects, Inventing the Future, and Public Benefit. The announcement also featured standout items in each of the categories.

The Amazon Launchpad service went live in 2015 and gives companies that fund with Kickstarter access to Amazon’s tools like product recommendation integration, fulfillment partnerships, Amazon Prime pricing and shipping, and more.

The Kickstarter community is known for coming together to support big, creative ideas at the earliest stages of development. This collection brings some of the most exciting products inspired by those ideas together in one place — from albums, books, and board games, to wearables, films, robotics kits, and beyond. Within the collection, we’ve surfaced several emerging themes to make it easier to find what will speak to you: