Adventure Time, An Art Show Inspired by Cartoon Network’s Animated TV Series at Gallery1988 West in Los Angeles

Audrey Pongracz
artwork by Audrey Pongracz

Gallery1988 and Cartoon Network have joined forces to present Adventure Time, a group art show featuring over 65 artist’s work that was “inspired by the awesome cartoon series.” The show will open Thursday, April 3rd, 2014 from 7 – 10 PM at Gallery1988 (West) and be on display through Sunday, April 6th. The exhibit is RSVP only. To attend, it is required that you RSVP by emailing Gallery1988 at

Stephen Andrade
artwork by Stephen Andrade

Nicole Gustafsson
artwork by Nicole Gustafsson

Andrew Heath
artwork by Andrew Heath

Brad Hill
artwork by Brad Hill

Adventure Time

images via Gallery1988

Justin Page
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