29th Annual St. Stupid’s Day Parade

St. Stupid's Day Parade

This Sunday, April 1st, The First Church of the Last Laugh presents the 29th Annual St. Stupid’s Day Parade. Dress stupid and meet at the Transamerica building at 12 noon. Here are my photos from last year’s parade.

The parade starts at the pointy bldg, (take a guess), then up Columbus Ave. to Washington Square Park for staged mini-service with 2 minute talent show, sacramints, leap of faith, free lunch and the search for the answer to the question…”What is Benjamin Franklin doing in Washington’s Park?”.

St. Stupid's Day Parade

This year there are two post-St. Stupid’s Day Parade events, the “Avatars of Slack” at City Lights Bookstore and the “After Saint Stupid’s Day Parade, After Party Extravaganza” at Fat City.

UPDATE 1: I’ll be brining Justin.tv down to the parade, so all of the world can tune into the stupidity live.

UPDATE 2: Here are the photos I shot at the parade.

photo credit: Scott Beale