1960s Greenwich Village Bohemian Lifestyle Captured In Vintage Film

Bohemian fashion lovers and history buffs, take a moment to step back in time to Greenwich Village in the 1960s and discover the simplicity of ‘village life’ in this narrated jewel of found film footage. Here you will find out that “the fabric woven for The Now Generation (a term used by advertisers to describe the youth of the 1960s)” is cotton corduroy because it’s as ‘ruggedly appealing as the great outdoors yet sophisticatedly shaped for the modes of cosmopolitan life’. Untethered by “rigid metropolitan dress” and “free from conservative business attire” the Village was downright quaint back then, until nightfall. To revel in all the unintentional hilarity, be sure to watch the film in its entirety.

Here, New York is alive! It breathes!

A higher quality version of the video can be viewed/downloaded from the Prelinger Archives on The Internet Archive.

via Gothamist

film via MyFootage.com

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff