Toothy The Tooth Ferry Pillow & Illustrated Story Book


Toothy The Tooth Ferry is a sweet handcrafted tooth fairy pillow that dons pocketed pants: the front pocket is for the tooth and the larger back pocket holds Toothy’s own illustrated story book. The pillow is made by Oakland-based designer Maranatha and the book is illustrated by Tao. Several variations of Toothy are available to purchase at their Etsy shop, Tao and Me.

Toothy is a tooth pillow that ferries teeth to Tooth Land for the Tooth Fairy! He (or she!) comes with the book, Toothy the Tooth Ferry. (The book is currently being edited/illustrated.) Toothy has two pockets, one small pocket on front for those teeny tiny baby teeth, and one larger pocket on back for storing Toothy’s book! Also, the inside cover of Toothy’s book features 20 teeth which represent the 20 baby teeth children lose between the ages of 5 and 12. As your child loses their teeth, write the date on one of the teeth, and see how long it takes the tooth to re-grow!


via Modern Kiddo

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