Prankster Greg Benson Surprises Homeless Shelter With A Gourmet Dining Experience on April Fool’s Day

In a beautiful twist on an April Fool’s Day, prankster Greg Benson surprised a group of fifty people at the Ascencia Homeless Shelter with a 5-star gourmet dinner prepared by celebrity chef Jesse Brune, providing many of the shelter residents with experience that they had not ever had before.

Greg: How did you like it? Diner: It was delicious. Was that filet mignon? I never had it before. We never get steak..homeless people. Thank you.

At the end, the Greg presented the shelter with an additional $5,000 and is working with Prank It FWD, a site which will donate funds through the sharing of its videos.

This April, Break is using its prank powers for good as we unleash a handful of positive pranks. For every 1,000 views we’ll donate $1 to the social change organization,

Simply beautiful all around.

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