Occupy News Bins, UC Davis Pepper Spray Incident Recreated in LEGOs




Doctor Popular used an empty Employment Guide newspaper box (how apropos) in San Francisco to create his Occupy News Bins diorama out of LEGOs. The scene mimics the recent UC Davis pepper spray incident complete with a smirking Lt. John Pike pepper-spraying peaceful protesters. It also includes a mini 12 Galaxies sign (but no sign of Frank Chu).

I’ve been wanting to do some sort of installations inside of the abandoned newspaper receptacles spread throughout our city, so I spent most of Thanksgiving creating a diorama of the UC Davis pepper spray incident which was installed in an empty newspaper bin on Market Street this morning (Black Friday). My hope was to install a piece to get people thinking about recent police violence while they were trying to do their holiday shopping…

I didn’t set out to create a Lego diorama, but it turns out that their “City sets” contained almost everything you need to create a protest scene.

photos by Doctor Popular

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