LSD: Dream Emulator, A Game That Conveys The Weirdness of Dreams

In this short video, Chris Person of Kotaku talks about the cult classic video game LSD: Dream Emulator (1998) that was released in Japan for the PlayStation console and based on a dream journal. As Chris narrates, he shows how the game conveys the weirdness of dreams, why it’s important, why it’s flawed and why you should play it. You can find more information on the LSD: Dream Emulator Wiki.

“Dreams are such personal things. No matter how vividly you describe them, it’s hard to put someone in your shoes, to convey the utter weirdness of dreams. Telling never works: It’s about the experience.”

LSD: Dream Emulator

LSD: Dream Emulator

LSD: Dream Emulator

Why You Should Play LSD: Dream Emulator

images via Kotaku and the LSD: Dream Emulator Wiki

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