Two of Us, Give a Smile To a Stranger, Get a Smile From a Stranger

Project Popcorn, an in-house project for creative agency, The Barbarian Group, has developed Two of Us, a new website where you take a smiling picture using your computer’s webcam and share it with a complete (but smiling) stranger.

The premise is simple: take a webcam pic of your best smile to brighten someone else’s day, and get a smile in return!

And no cheating, we’ve got special smile detection software to make sure you’re sending a smile and not…something else.

According to Caelin Cacciatore, a junior designer for The Barbarian Group, “The site is built in NodeJS, a cutting edge event driven web server and MongoDB. The smile detection software was written by Sebastián Alvarez…”

via The Barbarian Group

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff