Togo Burger, A Folding Cardboard Tote to Hold Fast Food

Togo Burger

Rhode Island School of Design industrial design student Seulbi Kim has created the Togo Burger, an innovative folding cardboard device to hold fast food with one hand.

People nowadays tend to more rely on having take-out food because their eating habit has changed due to their busy life. However, despite the fact that a number of take-out containers have been designed, packages for take-out burger meal are not really developed so far.

Therefore, this package is designed to provide a more convenient way of take-out for fast food industry as well as its customers by designing handy carrier for take-out burger meal consisted of a burger, french-fries, and soda.

The carrier will reduce the volume by about 50% compared to that today because I tried to simplify the design and minimize the amount of paper used with a hook for French fries, a sleeve for a burger, and a hole for soda drink, which causes people to carry it easier, and more materials saving. It is one-handed, convenient, practical, and compact, so your hands can be more free by holding all in one.


animated GIF via Funri, image via Packaging of the World

via First We Feast, Foodbeast

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff