Tiny Caracal Kittens Go For a Playful Romp Through the Outdoor Grounds at the Oregon Zoo

Two tiny 6-week old caracal kittens named Nandi and Nisha, go for a carefree romp through the outdoor grounds of the Oregon Zoo while remaining under the watchful eye of their protective mom Peggy all the while.

The Oregon Zoo’s two new caracal kittens are 6 weeks old now, and they have just begun to explore their outdoor habitat in the zoo’s Predators of the Serengeti area. Peggy and her kittens will have outdoor access from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. for the next several days — weather permitting — but keepers say they will be easy to miss. …Caracals are elusive animals by nature, and even the full-grown cats can be hard to glimpse. …the best time for visitors to try their luck is right at 10 a.m., when they first go outside.