Timescale, A Mile Long Evolution Art Installation at Burning Man


Some of you may have heard about Timescale, a much beloved Burning Man 2009 art project from ArdentHeavy Industries.  These are the who brought you Dance Dance Immolation and 2 Pi R.  Timescale will be equally cool, geeky, fun and generally awesome.  

Timescale is a journey through 4.57 billion years of planet Earth’s geological and biological evolution, extended across one mile (5280feet) of open playa. Beginning with the formation of the Earth from a cloud of gas and dust, participants will traverse through time —advancing two million years with each footstep, culminating at the present day. Each chapter in Earth’s growth is highlighted along the way, allowing participants to appreciate the transformation of our planet and the exponential complexity of living things. Each chapter in Earth’s history will be a 6.5ft tall 8in x 8in column of concrete with art representative of that chapter inside.

So, that’s Timescale –  a mile long art gallery hewn from raw awesome. Rumor has it that they are looking for a dozen or so more artists to showcase.