The Verge Sets Out to Build a Realistic Replica of Luke’s Lightsaber From The Empire Strikes Back

Senior reporter Bryan Bishop of The Verge recently set out to build the most realistic custom Star Wars lightsaber based on Luke Skywalker‘s saber from The Empire Strikes Back. Bryan ended up tracking down and having his lightsaber built by artist Michael Murphy, who also goes by Yoda.

I’m in a suburb 30 miles outside of Sacramento, California, and Yoda’s teaching me how to fight with a lightsaber.

In this particular case, Yoda is the online nickname for Michael Murphy, a 43-year-old artist that makes his living building high-end custom lightsabers — including the ones we’re using — but that doesn’t make the lesson any less intense. I step forward, my blue blade cutting through the air with an unmistakable thrumm. My blow is easily parried, our sabers clashing hot white. He pivots, blade twirling behind his back as he executes a 360-degree spin that I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Ewan McGregor pull off. (read more)

Justin Page
Justin Page

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