The Stephen King Universe, A Very Detailed Flowchart Linking His Books and Characters

The Stephen King Universe Flowchart

Australian artist and flowchart enthusiast Gillian James of Tessie Girl created “The Stephen King Universe“, a very detailed flowchart linking the vast collection of books and characters by author Stephen King.

When I was in Grade 5 (guess I was ten), my friend Tarnya Smyth brought her mum’s battered copy of Stephen King’s ‘Carrie’ to school. We broke it into about 4 pieces and passed them around, all taking turns reading each battered section. I told mum about it and she FLIPPED HER WIG and told me to ‘Stop reading that book immediately!!’ So I finished it.

Now, I TOTALLY do not recommend ten year olds reading Stephen King books (messed me up good), but this was when my life long relationship with Mr King began. My love for his books is based around his characters. They are so full. I love Stephen King dialogue. I love his sense of humour. And I love the links and connections between the books.

The Stephen King Universe Flowchart

via I Love Charts