The Dorkpod, An Open Source DIY Vertical Personal Electric Vehicle

Dorkpod Black and Greed Shell

The Dorkpod by Tinkersmiths Makerspace is an open source DIY vertical personal electric vehicle. Kits for the Dorkpod are available in a variety of options for makers of any skill level from just the plans to a fully complete and ready to drive model. The design is built around using an electric wheelchair base for the drive system, and the vertical cage can be customized and easily put together.

Tinkersmiths Makerspace is funding the Dorkpod with a Kickstarter campaign and are offering early access to the plans and kits as rewards for backers.

The Dorkpod is a lightweight plywood skeleton designed to be mounted on an a used electric wheelchair base to create a new type of personal transportation project. Providing a fun, low cost, low carbon footprint way to zoom around town. Kit supporters learn to build something whimsical that can perform a useful function. These lightweight kits can reduce the strain on our environment by using less fuel consumption over some other types of transportation methods. You might consider charging these with an adequate solar energy panel.

Dorkpod Drive Floor


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