Subway Symphony, James Murphy’s Proposal To Turn New York City Subway Turnstiles Into a Music Installation

Subway Symphony is a proposal by longtime New Yorker James Murphy (formerly of LCD Soundsystem) to change the shrill turnstile beeps in the New York City subway system into a pleasant-sounding music installation. Murphy proposes that the turnstiles be reprogrammed to play from a selection of up to five notes per station, so that a given station would play a short sequence of notes as passengers pass through the turnstiles. Each station would play a different sequence and the sequences in adjacent stations in the system would form a larger musical piece. Murphy is working to convince the MTA to incorporate his project in planned station upgrades. Supporters can sign a petition for the project. The Wall Street Journal has more on Subway Symphony.

Subway Symphony Project by James Murphy
photo by Araby Williams/The Wall Street Journal

via Gothamist