Star Wars Joins Tumblr with an Animated GIF

Star Wars Tumblr

artwork by Shan Jiang

Star Wars has joined the social networking and blogging platform Tumblr to share force-filled fan art, animated GIFs, comic strips, and more. They started off their new social media adventure with a fun animated GIF showing Princess Leia’s holographic message to Obi-Wan Kenobi as a Tumblr stream. They also revealed previously unseen concept artwork by Andre Kirk for the upcoming animated television series Star Wars Rebels, which is scheduled to release in fall 2014.

Artoo is pleased to announce the launch of our official Tumblr! We promise there won’t be any cat videos… except maybe a nexu or two.

Star Wars Tumblr GIF

Star Wars Rebels

artwork by Andre Kirk

images via Star Wars

via Star Wars

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