SoundsGood, A Hearing Aid for Women Looks Like a High-Tech Earring

The SoundsGood hearing aid for women allows the speaker to visually see their voice as graphic sound waves. Of course, for the wearer of the device, it provides amplification of sounds and a unique high-tech earring-like device. SoundsGood is a 2011 best of the best red dot design concept winning entry from designer and RISD Industrial Design graduate student Peiqi Tang.

Description of SoundsGood from RISD website:

SoundsGood is a hearing aid specially designed for women who have hearing problems. While collecting and enlarging the sound waves, SoundsGood also translates them into readable signals and show them on the little screen so that the speaker can have immediate response on the volume of his/her own voice. The changing signal is also an elegant decoration. It makes SoundsGood not only a medical device but also a piece of beautiful jewellery.