Snoop Dogg Launches Snoopify, A Mobile Photo App For iOS & Android


Snoop Dogg (aka Snoop Lion), in association with Upper Playground, 99centbrains and Cashmere Agency, has launched Snoopify, a photo-sharing app for iOS and Android mobile devices. With it, users can add Snoop Dogg-related virtual stickers to new or existing photos and then share the newly decorated images. The stickers are designed by illustrator Munk One. It is available to download at the iTunes Store and Google Play.

Decorate your photos with never-before-seen graphics of Snoop, ranging from classic Snoop Dogg to Rasta-inspired Snoop Lion looks and phrases.


Snoop Dogg hanging in a hot tub in Iceland.


Chip the dogg.

Hugs not Drugs

Hugs not drugs.

image 1 via Snoopify, photos via Rusty Blazenhoff