See The Unseen, Videos of Vibrations at 1,000 Frames Per Second

See The Unseen is a series of videos created by measurement equipment company Fluke and Propadata Films that were shot using a Phantom HD Gold camera that show what vibrations look like when viewed 1,000 frames per second. The videos were were made as a promo for the Fluke 810 Vibration Tester.

So much of movement is invisible to the human eye. Sure, our eyes can see a cymbal move when struck by a drum stick. But it’s what our eyes can’t see that is most captivating. Metal rippling as if it were fabric fluttering in the wind, droplets of water bouncing and hovering just above the surface of a puddle; the beauty and science of movement is in the details. And the details are often the result of vibrations.

Here’s a behind the scenes look at how the videos were made.

via Geekosystem

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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