Reverend Billy Arrested Easter Sunday After Preaching at a JPMorgan Chase Bank

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photos by Brennan Cavanaugh

Reverend Billy was arrested on Easter Sunday after preaching outside of a JPMorgan Chase Bank branch in NYC’s East Village. Here are more photos of Billy’s arrest.

Our first stop was at the Chase lobby on St. Marks Place and 2nd Avenue, where the choir performed a “mystery channeling of money” as bank customers withdrew cash. The Reverend preached to a sidewalk crowd through a white megaphone. When the Choir reached their second destination at Astor Place, three NYPD squad cars surrounded the action. Rev. Billy told the officers taping his speech that he was leaving a message for JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon in a plastic Easter egg on the peak inside the lobby. As Talen concluded his sermon, the NYPD demanded that he remove the miniature mountain from the floor of the ATM lobby, which Rev. Billy refused to do. He was subsequently arrested.

Reverend Billy was released on his own recognizance after a detention of two hours in Manhattan’s 9th precinct.

via Kevin Evans

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