Ratio Eight Coffee Machine, An Automated Coffee Maker with a Minimalist Design

Ratio Coffee Machine

The Ratio Eight Coffee Machine is an automated coffee maker that seeks to bring high-end design and materials to what is typically a plasticky, unattractive appliance. The Ratio Eight can brew up to eight cups of coffee while precisely maintaining an optimum water temperature. The water tank, water lines, and carafe are all borosilicate glass, while the structure is aluminum and wood. The Ratio Eight Coffee Machine is hand-assembled in Portland, Oregon by Ratio Coffee and will be released in May 2014. Ratio Coffee was founded by Mark Hellweg of Clive Coffee. For more on the Ratio Eight Coffee Machine, see this interview with Hellweg over at Sprudge.com.

photo via Ratio Coffee

via Sprudge.com, Cool Material, The Awesomer

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