‘Penguins Mirror’, An Interactive Installation Featuring 450 Motorized Toy Penguins

“Penguins Mirror” by Israeli-American artist Daniel Rozin is an installation of 450 motorized toy penguins that mimic the observer by moving to show patterns of white and black.

Reductive in palette, yet baroque in behavior, it performs an absurdly homogeneous system of movement. Playing with the compositional possibilities of black and white, each penguin turns from side to side and responds to the presence of an audience. As they perform, the penguins’ collective intelligence is puzzling, yet somehow familiar, as the plush toys enact a precise choreography rooted in geometry.

penguins mirror spinning

penguins mirror spinning up close

penguins mirror dance 2

penguins mirror dance

via Prosthetic Knowledge

Rebecca Escamilla
Rebecca Escamilla

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