Paul and Storm at Cafe du Nord

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The unique comedy music duo Paul and Storm will be performing at Cafe Du Nord in San Francisco this Sunday, October 12th. Tickets are available through TicketWeb.

Paul and Storm have been writing and performing funny songs together for a long, long time, starting with their stint together in a cappella band Da Vinci’s Notebook. Their music tends to make people laugh and feel good, and Paul and Storm believe that this makes their pursuit noble, right and just.

BONUS: their live show is better than 1,000 Fonzies, and more spellbinding than Mr. T on a unicycle.

Anyone with ADD will appreciate the broad range of territory that Paul and Storm cover in their music… Chicken nuggets. Love. Boxing nuns. Relationships. Pirates. Friendship. If James Taylor were on fire.

Catchy melodies and well-constructed music underpin the comedy, and in live performance their harmonies draw comparisons to the Everly Brothers, while their stage presence evokes the Barenaked Ladies. They will do nearly anything to win the hearts and minds of their audiences, and often throw Twinkies, Moon Pies and/or other snack cakes into the crowd to help seal the deal. Occasionally, panties are thrown back.

Here’s the video for “The Captain’s Wife’s Lament” by Paul and Story which was animated by Spiff using images from World of Warcraft.

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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