Nikita Chrusov of Soviet Unterzogersdorf Visits ETech

Nikita Chrusov

Nikita Chrusov

Nikita & Breis

Brady Forrest & Nikita Chrusov

Nikita Chrusov

Lenin Bust

Nikita Chrusov & Tim O'Reilly

Monochrom sponsored a visit to ETech 2008 by his excellency Nikita Chrusov of The People’s Republic of Soviet Unterzogersdorf. Here are some photos I shot of his inspiring presentation “The Emergence Of Tomorrow: A Soviet Approach” which took place Wednesday evening.

The previous night, Nikita was ejected from the Disney sponsored party for ETech and GSPW. Violet Blue has a full report on the incident.

UPDATE: After ETech Nikita Chrusov will be traveling on to SXSW, where his next appearance will be at the Plutopia event on Monday, March 10th.

photos by Scott Beale