The Mewgaroo Hoodie, A Cozy Sweatshirt With a Cat Sized Pouch So Kitties Can Snuggle Inside

Mewgaroo Hoodie

The Mewgaroo hoodie by Japanese pet supply company Unihabitat is a sweatshirt that features a cat sized pouch in the front so that feline pals can snuggle closely with their human friends. The wedge-shaped pouch includes a washable liner for the inevitable build up of cat hair, and the long cuffs have thumb holes and a paw-print design.

Mewgaroo diagram

Mewgaroo and sleeping cat

Mewgaroo and orange cat

Mewgaroo and stuffed animal

Some small-breed dogs can even squeeze into the pouch for a snuggle.

Mewgaroo and dog

via Narinari, SoraNews24