Math Bites, Danica McKellar’s New Nerdist Channel Series About Making Mathematics Fun

Former The Wonder Years star Danica McKellar (Gwendolyn “Winnie” Cooper) has debuted her new Nerdist Channel series called Math Bites. The series is all about teaching and making the world of math fun. After all, Danica has a degree from UCLA and four published books on mathematics. You can catch a brand new episode of Math Bites on the Nerdist Channel every Thursday.

Math Bites, a brand new series on the Nerdist Channel that kicks ass, solves for X, and chews bubblegum! And Math Bites is all out of bubblegum. Watch and learn with us each week as Danica pushes us to the vertical limits of math (so we don’t make an asymptote of ourselves). Future episodes will cover everything from those pesky percentages (you’ll shop like a pro) to mastering mental math (and possibly telekinesis).

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Justin Page
Justin Page

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