Louise Jarmilowicz, San Francisco-Based Costumer & Artist

Louise in a bat costume

Our friend Louise Jarmilowicz, a very talented San Francisco-based costumer, seamstress, and artist, was recently featured in a San Francisco Chronicle article titled “A day’s work – sew far from the mundane” where she talks about the inspiration behind her chosen craft. You can see many of her costumes and digital collages at her site, JarmoDesigns.

I had a really overactive imagination when I was little. If things weren’t going well, I’d go to my room and make things. I had cats and would dress them up in costumes…

The clothes I made were colorful, but they didn’t get crazy till I came out here. ‘Cause everything changed, in terms of what I felt like I had permission to do. I felt I could re-establish my identity and be a whole new person.


photo 1 by Brant Ward, image 2 via Louise Jarmilowicz

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff