Laughing Squid Interview on ABC News Radio

Dan Patterson

Earlier today my friend Dan Patterson, a broadcast journalist at ABC News Radio, invited me over to the studios for an interview where talked about a bunch of stuff including the history of Laughing Squid.

From his days as a documentary filmmaker in San Francisco to the New York technology scene, Scott Beale has been on the forefront of emerging culture. Best known for his work as web curator Laughing Squid, Beale bridges the gap between traditional and social media.

In this interview with ABC News Radio’s Dan Patterson, Beale discusses his humble roots as an artist in San Francisco, the many iterations of the internet, and the rise of social platforms like Twitter and Tumblr. Beale and Patterson go in-depth with a focus on the the rise of social media journalism and how groups like Anonymous and LulzSec influence web identity.

Dan Patterson at ABC New Radio

ABC New Radio Newroom

Dan Patterson

photos by Scott Beale