‘Kiss Someone You Love’, A Project Asking Random New Yorkers to Kiss Their Loved Ones

Kiss Someone You Love” is a video and photography project by Matt Adams and Katie Sokoler that asked random New Yorkers to kiss someone they love at McCarren Park in Brooklyn. Adams and Sokoler had subjects hold empty frames while kissing as Sokoler photographed them. The video and resulting photographs are a charming display of affection.

In an attempt to bring a little more love to New York City, Katie and and I encouraged a bunch of random New Yorkers to kiss their loved ones at McCarren Park in Brooklyn. Check out the video first and then take a look at the photos from the day!

Kiss Someone You Love 1

Kiss Someone You Love 2

Kiss Someone You Love 3

Kiss Someone You Love 4

Kiss Someone You Love 5

photos by Katie Sokoler

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

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