Joseph Gordon-Levitt Shoots ‘Pictures of Assholes,’ Short Film Turns Tables on Paparazzi

In 2006, actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt made “Pictures of Assholes,” a short film where he turned his video camera on the paparazzi while walking down a New York City street. Check out his site, hitRECord, for more information on his film projects.

He says:

A friend and I were just walking down the street in Manhattan when we passed these two photographers who were sitting outside the entrance of some hotel, presumably waiting to photograph somebody who was staying there. I didn’t think much of them until, a block or so later, they came running up and started to take my picture. I tried to be nice and politely ask them not to. They were neither nice nor polite. And that’s when I remembered I had my camera in my bag. So that’s where the movie starts.

via PetaPixel

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff