Finger Tentacles by Archie McPhee

Anime vs the Finger Tentacle

For too long tentacles have been wasted on the bottom of the sea, new Finger Tentacles available from Archie McPhee levels the tentacular playing field to allow we bi-pedal folk to wave our own tentacles in the earthbound breeze.

McPhee’s scientific testing shows these Finger Tentacles are, in fact, funny and our own tests show that they are feline-compatible (see above). We’ve also sighted these digitally-enabled tentacles at Royal-T in L.A. (more on them soon).

Box O' Finger Tentacles? Ohh yeah.

It’s important to get your vocabulary right on these matters, note that “tentacles” are a squid thing, not an Octopus thing. More background on that here.

photo by mikl-em