Fabulas Panicas, A Weekly Comic Strip Created By Alejandro Jodorowsky In The Late 1960s

In the late 1960’s, Alejandro Jodorowsky, the Chilean filmmaker best known for directing such surreal cult films as “El Topo” and “Santa Sangre” created a weekly comic strip.

Taking its name from the Panic Movement – an artistic movement that Jodorowsky co-founded in 1962 – the strip was entitled “Fabulas Panicas”, or Panic Fables.

Despite appearing in the right-wing Mexican newspaper, El Heraldo de México, the strip is classic Jodorowsky: wildly experimental and unapologetically transgressive.

In this 2003 interview with Jay Babcock, Jodorowsky said:

Everything I could not do in movies, I make in comics and writing. I do comics because I think it’s an art form as big as movies or painting or poetry. The graphic novel is a fantastic thing for me. For four or five years every Sunday I drew a comics page, a complete story.

A large collection of strips is available on the Fabulas Panicas blog.

via Technoccult