Dexter Blood Splattered Beverage Coasters

Fans of Showtime’s television crime drama about a serial-killing forensics expert, Dexter, will certainly appreciate the officially licensed Dexter Blood Splattered Coasters available at ThinkGeek. Made of see-through acrylic, this set of six beverage coasters housed in a wooden box will add a dose of dark humor to any home.

Let visitors to your house know that splatters of any kind are unacceptable. You will not turn the other cheek, you will slice it! What civilized person puts a cup glistening with condensation on a bare wooden table? That’s why we have this set of blood-spattered Dexter coasters. (To put cups on, not to slice people with.) Can you imagine slicing someone open with a dull-edged coaster? That would take a great deal of effort.

via The Awesomer