David Lynch Talks to a Barbie Doll About His New Brand of Coffee

To promote his new David Lynch Signature Cup Organic Coffee, the film auteur made this insane or absolutely brilliant video of a conversation he has with a Barbie doll about the coffee. The video consists of a relentless four minute close-up of Barbie’s head firmly clenched in Lynch’s hand as he provides all the dialogue, making very little attempt to distinguish between his gravelly voice and Barbie’s.

Barbie: Is it fairly traded?

David: Yeah. Fairly traded.

Barbie: Oh. Jeez. Can I have some?

David: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m gonna fix you a cup.

Barbie: Really? Really? You’re gonna get me a cup of coffee?

David: Yeah, I’m gonna get you a cup of coffee.

Barbie: …So great. Jeez, Dave, thanks. Thanks. It’s really beautiful. I just feel dreamy thinking about it.

David: Let’s go get that cup of coffee, baby.

via foodiggity

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