Das Can-in-Stein, A Novelty Product That Turns Any 12-Ounce Can Into a Fancy Beer Stein

Das Can-in-Stein from ThinkGeek

The Das Can-in-Stein is a novelty product by ThinkGeek that can dress up any standard 12-ounce can for Oktoberfest by giving it the look at feel of a classic pewter tankard. It was originally one of ThinkGeek’s fake April Fools’ Day joke products, but it’s now available for sale.

Despite its pewter look, the Das Can-in-Stein is made of resin, so ThinkGeek warns to only toast from the bottom of the device while holding the handle. Das Can-in-Stein also features a functional lid that can be opened and closed with the thumb-lever to keep drinks covered and to complete the full tankard experience. ThinkGeek does specifically mention that the Das Can-in-Stein is not microwave safe, so do not microwave beer in it.

Das Can-in-Stein from Think Geek

Das Can-in-Stein from ThinkGeek

photos via ThinkGeek

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