Boss Wave by Xilent, A Giant Robot Video Game Themed Music Video

The music video for “Boss Wave” by UK electronic music producer Eryk Kowalczyk (aka “Xilent“) is a wild combination of video game nostalgia, robotics and special effects. The single is available to purchase online from Beatport.

For those who grew up during the golden age of the arcade, the very opening sounds of Boss Wave will bring the memories flooding back, from the barely believable graphics of Out Run when it first hit the arcade (no laughing at the back), the pride at a perfectly timed dragon punch to the the extra life secrets on Paperboy. And while the memories of the games intricacies may fade, it was those end of level talismans, the bosses, the end of level baddies that stick firmly in mind.

via Geeks Are Sexy

Justin Page
Justin Page

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