Boing Boing Unveils New Site Design, With a Focus on Original Content

Boing Boing

Our friends at Boing Boing have unveiled a new site design and a new editorial direction that will bring more original content (or “‘Zine-style journalism, art, and abject nonsense”) to the site. The redesign features a two-column layout, with one column displaying the “blog river” of links and short posts, and the other displaying original content.

Twenty-five years ago, Boing Boing started out as a print ‘zine, pasted together and published on a photocopier. Now, after more than a decade on the web—and hundreds of thousands of posts, links and comments—we’re taking a turn back to the mindset that made us. A love of ‘Zine-style journalism, art, and abject nonsense is in our souls, and you’ll be seeing a lot more of it here at Boing Boing in the coming days, weeks and months.

image via Boing Boing