Balm Chicky Balm Balm, ’70s Adult Film Inspired Lip Lube

Flavor Orgy

With the inspired name of Balm Chicky Balm Balm, Foodiggity is now offering a series of all-natural lip balms inspired by XXX adult films of the 1970s. This line of “deeply penetrating lip lubrication” comes in five flavors: Juicy Melons, Sweet Baby Ginger, Huge Cucumber, Wild Mountain Honey, and Hot Chocolate Love. They are all available to purchase at the Foodiggity Shop, including a set of 3 called the “Threesome” and one that includes all 5 named the “Orgy of Flavors.” Hubba hubba.

The tube itself contains 3 times as much balm as the typical lip balm tube. But the real scene-stealer is the patented Friend End™. Placed on the opposite end of the tube is a separate stash of balm with a flip-cap – just the right size for the finger of a friend in need.

via Foodiggity