An Artist Builds a ‘Deep-Time’ Camera Designed to Develop a Single Photograph Over 1,000 Years

Millenium camera

Conceptual artist Jonathon Keats has created a “deep-time” camera that is specifically designed to develop a single picture over the course of 1,000 years. The camera begins its work on March 6, 2015 on the third floor terrace of the ASU Art Museum in Tempe, Arizona. The Museum has already planned a month-long exhibition celebrating the photo’s unveiling in Spring 3015. Keats was understandably somewhat dramatic when discussing the scope of the millennium-long project.

The first people to see this picture will be children who haven’t yet been conceived. They’re impacted by every choice we make, but they’re powerless. If they can’t influence our decisions, at least they can bear witness.

image via PetaPixel

via PetaPixel