Al Jaffee & 44 Years of Mad Magazine Back Page Fold-Ins

Al Jaffee

The New York Times recently published “A Veteran MAD Man Remains in the Fold”, a really great article about Al Jaffee, the 87 year-old artist who’s been creating those wonderful Fold-Ins on the back page of Mad Magazine since 1964. The article includes a gallery of his Fold-Ins past and present.

Al Jaffee Fold-In

Al Jaffee Fold-In

Here’s an example of one of Al’s classic back page Fold-Ins from Mad Magazine spoofing the 1972 presidential election.

"Mad Fold This Book!

“Mad Fold This Book!: A Ridiculous Collection of Fold-Ins” is a book of Al’s Fold-In art that was published in 1997 and is still available.

photo by Librado Romero/The New York Times

illustration by Al Jaffee