A Realistic Latex Howling Wolf Mask by Archie McPhee Based on the Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt

Howling Wolf Mask

Online novelty retailer Archie McPhee has released a realistic-looking latex Howling Wolf Mask that is based on the classic Three Wolf Moon t-shirt. The mask is available to purchase online.

Usually a mask just makes you different, but what if a mask made you better? What if a mask made people find a new respect for you and made you irresistible to potential partners? What if a mask gave you the ability to ascend to the spirit plane and move amongst the archetypes of the collective unconscious? That would be great. This mask has the special power to make you awesome! Instead of just disguising you as an animal, it transforms you into a majestic howling wolf. You see, the eyeholes are in the neck and the head is pointed toward the stars. Imagine posing in front of a full moon while wearing it. This latex mask will pretty much solve all your problems and make you the coolest person ever. Fits most adult heads.

Howling Wolf Mask

The Three Wolf Moon t-shirt design:

Three Wolf Moon