A Flux Capacitor Replica Styled Like Doc Brown’s Time-Travel Device From the ‘Back to the Future’ Films


The officially-licensed Flux Capacitor replica by Diamond Select Toys was built to look just like Doc Brown‘s time-travel device from the Back to the Future films. The electronic Flux Capacitor is currently available to purchase online from ThinkGeek.

You’ll have to pump in your own 1.21 gigawatts (pronounced and written in the script as “jigowatts,” which was the accepted pronunciation at the time) to actually travel in time – and that’s up to you. Or you can be content to just pop in 3 AAs and use the knob to adjust the lights. Details down to the warning messages from Doc Brown stuck to the front door will awe anyone who sees it. So get one now, put it in your car, and see what happens. Just make sure not to mess around with your parents – or else you may spawn sequels.

Flux Capacitor

images via ThinkGeek