A Colorful Whiteboard Illustration That Explains Some of the Amazing Features of Human Anatomy

In a recent episode of AsapSCIENCE, hosts Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown use whiteboard illustration to explain some of the really amazing features of human anatomy, even in death.

When it’s all said and done, human decomposition begins around 4 minutes after death. This process is known as self-digestion, in which your enzymes and bacteria eat you away. In fact, three to five pounds of your body is made up of bacteria. In a an unclean mouth alone, 100 million to 1 billion bacteria can grow on each tooth – with 32 teeth each, some of us have more bacteria in our mouth than there are people in the world. If that leaves you weak in the knees, don’t worry – your bones are incredibly strong! When testing compression strength for a rate of 1 sec, an 83kg person with US shoe size 11 could have 16,000 people stand on their bone at once – that is of course, if there was room!