12 Drawings a Day, An Animated Diary

French animator and teacher Denis Chapon spent over three years making 12 drawings each day of animated scenes. Each time, he would use the last three drawings from the day before which resulted in the lovely four-minute short, 12 Drawings a Day, An Animated Diary.

The 23rd of June 2008, Denis went to the copy room. He found a hole lot of paper printed one side and blank on the other side, he thought he would do something with it. The same day he drew 12 drawings of animation. Since that day he has made 12 drawings every day.

This project has no script, no storyboard, they are all drawn with none erasable pen, and I have not changed the rhythm of the animation afterwards.

via Curiosity Counts

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff