$1 Million Lawsuit Filed Against Man Who Torched La Contessa

guest post by Burstein!

La Contessa - Flying Dutchman

Simon Cheffins and Gregory Jones of Extra Action Marching Band, the two artists behind the late and legendary La Contessa are suing Michael Stewart who burnt it to the ground a few years ago. Michael Stewart owns the land near Black Rock where La Contessa was left after it broke an axle in 2004. La Contessa was originally parked on the land with the permission of the then-owner, Joan Grant, but she eventually sold the land to Stewart who torched La Contessa because he supposedly thought it was junk.

Cheffins and Jones are suing Stewart for $1 million. The lawsuit is based on the Visual Artists Rights Act of 1990.

Here’s more info on the lawsuit and the history of this case.

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