Pillow Fight Returns to San Francisco

Pillow Fight

“The Instigator” of last years amazing Pillow Fight in San Francisco has informed us that it will be happening once again this Valentine’s Day (Wednesday, February 14th) at Justin Herman Plaza. Here are photos from last year’s Pillow Fight.

It’s not Valentine’s Day, it’s

Where: Justin Herman Plaza (Market & Embarcadero), San Francisco, CA.

When: Wednesday, February 14th, when the Ferry Building clock strikes 6pm.



1) Tell everyone you know about Pillow Fight!

2) Tell EVERYONE YOU KNOW about Pillow Fight!!!

3) Nothing in your pillow but pillow.

4) Don’t hit anyone with out a pillow.

5) Don’t hit anyone operating a camera.

Last year’s Pillow Fight was *amazing*! Let’s make the magic happen again! Please bring a few trash bags to share and help pick up after wards.

UPDATE: Photos from San Francisco Pillow Fight 2007 are now online.

photo credit: Scott Beale